Thoughtful Revolution

Fabulous Jewish (Vegan) Food

And I’m not just talking your average latke, either.  The awesome vegan chefs out there have come up with a whole plethora of recipes, from a world full of distinct culinary traditions — and don’t tell me this stuff doesn’t look terrific.

Vegan knish.  Step-by-step and totally illustrated. (flaky dough pocket filled with potatoes, onions and whatever else you’d like)

Vegan challah. (yeasty, braided traditional bread)

Vegan cabbage rolls, for those five people out there who actually miss them.  Myself included.  (cabbage leaves stuffed with “meat,” tomatoes and other goodies)

Vegan kishkes, halfway down the page.  Never thought it could be possible… (meat-stuffed intestines.  Seriously.)

Vegan, totally Pesadic matzah ball soup(A fairly thin broth, usually chicken, with soft, dense dumplings)

The inevitable falafel. (Fried chickpea mush in cute round shape.  Served in pita bread, preferably with hummus and tabbouleh salad.)

Gourmet burekas! (Sephardic savory pastries filled with potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, etc.)

Vegan latkes, though no latke should EVER be served with ketchup. (Fried potato patties, which ought to be served with APPLESAUCE.  and SOUR CREAM.)

Carciofi alla Giudia (there’s a pretty interesting story behind the alla Giudia thing) (fried, seasoned artichokes, sometimes with a tomato sauce)

Meatless, eggless Shakshouka.  I don’t know how they did it. (A Moroccan breakfast dish, traditionally a melange of eggs, onions, peppers, and sometimes meat.)

CHOLENT. (A rich, filling meat-and-potatoes stew.)

KUGEL. (I don’t know how to describe kugel.  A large, comforting block of starchy goodness?)

Blintzes, tzimmes and babka, oh my! (Blintzes: egg-roll-shaped wrappers filled with cheese, fruit or potato and lightly fried.  Tzimmes: A sweet, caramelized carrot dish that generally incorporates fruit.  Babka: Cake.)

And finally: a sufganiyah. (A jelly donut.)


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