Thoughtful Revolution


To any readers I might somehow have been able to retain:

I’m sorry to have been less insightful/less original/less prolific/generally stupid this week.  I’ve been kept busy by mundane non-blog life (read: midterms, various applications) and will try to write more regular, insightful posts ASAP.  I can promise that this is aberrational, so hang in there.  By tonight, I hope to post something on the controversy surrounding the movie version of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s latest book; it’ll be worth reading, I swear 🙂  I also have two (excellent but very long) poems that I wanted to share with you, by Catherine Bowman and the perpetually incredible June Jordan.

In the meantime, I gotta run.  Bear with me, and thanks for reading this far.  And if you have anything you want to see posted, please feel free to contribute!


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