Thoughtful Revolution

Why I Haven’t Blogged Lately

And I apologize.

Reason #1: I’m sick.

My throat and sinuses are killing me, enough so that it hurts to breathe. Talking is out of the question. Sleep is perpetually far more tempting than it should be. The thought of food makes my esophagus want to cry. Is this mysterious malady swine flu? I don’t know, but it’s gross.

Reason #2: I’ve been busy.
With legit progressive stuff, no less. Free theater, student environmental advocacy conference at UMD, volunteer work at NARAL gala, the whole shebang. I figure there’s a convenient excuse that my few-but-radical readers will eat up with a spoon.

Reason #3
But that’s not the real reason at all, and it would be deception to call it so. The truth is, I genuinely have nothing worth saying. At least for now, I’m done voicing opinions; my voiced opinions are moralistic, unoriginal, ill-argued, and generally come from a place of self-absorbed privilege that humiliates me the moment I see it in print. And even should my opinions have any lasting worth in the blogosphere, they amount to little more than — and I really don’t mean anything by quoting “The Baader-Meinhof Complex” here — theoretical masturbation. Which, in its ego-based, sitting-pretty futility, seems fairly emblematic of my political “engagement” thus far. It doesn’t help that my supposed activist passion is a bit of a fair-weather friend, ebbing at the most inconvenient times and leaving me wondering whether I really should be involved in the first place. No, I don’t feel qualified to write any more polemics, and to be honest I’d rather not.

But what does that leave to write about? Food, for one thing, or theater: elite pleasures that, when I discuss them, are taken for granted in the most flippant of ways. And I understand that the societally deemed “elite-ness” of an item is no reason to forbid enjoyment of it; nonetheless, posts on the subjects seem both exclusive and inconsequential, certainly not worth the time it takes to write an entry. The latter adjective is also applicable to film, music or movie reviews; it seems snotty/self-obsessed/hyperprivileged to push my opinion of a work on others, and ultimately a worthless endeavor.

Which means, of course, that maybe in the long run I shouldn’t be blogging. The whole idea is to share ideas that one deems worthwhile, and I have very few of those. Before I write any more, it might be worthwhile for me to gain some more life experience, not to mention flesh out my flimsy and poorly defended convictions; in the meantime, I may not be posting quite as often as I have in past. Though, if any Eureka moments show up, I may pop in every so often. Thanks to anyone who’s been reading regularly, and if you’d like to stage a temporary takeover of this site (or even contribute a post), please feel free to let me know.


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  1. * Stefan says:

    Awww. 😦

    I completely understand though. While I will miss your insightful posts, taking a break or completely changing where your energies go to would be healthy and helpful.

    If you start another net-bound project, I’d be happy to read it. : )

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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