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I am back.

Cue the trumpets!


Because I want to know

First off, let me apologize for being so exclusively personal lately.  It seems as much of a copout to me as it surely does to you, and I will be more interesting and less solipsistic in the future.  I swear.

But in the meantime, I’d be interested to find out: what about this blog keeps you reading?

I understand that most, if not all, of you only read this blog because you know the proprietor. That’s appreciated, don’t get me wrong. But what particular topics have made you stick around? This is a free-form, eclectic blog, and it will continue to be that way; this can, however, be as much a curse as it is a blessing, and sometimes I’d appreciate some input from the template of popular opinion. And, because I tend to gravitate towards certain topics for extended periods of time, it would be helpful for me to find out what basic areas you’d like me to gravitate towards.

Below are all the categories that I have addressed in past, as well as some that I haven’t tackled yet but would like to. Which of them are your picks for the future of this blog? And feel free to make your own suggestions!

Visual Art/Crafting
Current Events
Poetry Break
Political and Social Criticism
Vegan/Vegetarian Food

Reviews (theater, music, movie, book, restaurant)
General DIY
LGBT Rights
Tea (and the People who Love It)

Also, how much do you want me to insert myself into my work? Stylistically, I can go either way; would you rather have the more impassioned, personalized journal format of late, or would you rather I return to a more cut-and-dry pundit format? Please give me your feedback.

Thank you all for reading. With your help, I’ll become more interesting soon — really!

New Look, New Pattern

First off, as I’m sure you can see, Thoughtful Revolution has gotten a new look. Though I must say I was attached to the old look, apparently white-text-on-black-background is a royal pain to read. What do you know.

Secondly, as again I’m sure you’ve noticed, my posting may become far more erratic over the month of November. This is a byproduct of NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month, wherein participants are dared to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. I will be participating this year, and I dare you all to do so as well (late starters are always welcome). If any current NaNoers would like moral support, or want to share excerpts of their work, I’d love to see some posts on the topic!

That’s all, folks. Happy noveling (if you are), and make sure to pardon your Thanksgiving turkey before you roast it at 450 degrees and stuff its innards with cranberry cornbread.


To any readers I might somehow have been able to retain:

I’m sorry to have been less insightful/less original/less prolific/generally stupid this week.  I’ve been kept busy by mundane non-blog life (read: midterms, various applications) and will try to write more regular, insightful posts ASAP.  I can promise that this is aberrational, so hang in there.  By tonight, I hope to post something on the controversy surrounding the movie version of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s latest book; it’ll be worth reading, I swear 🙂  I also have two (excellent but very long) poems that I wanted to share with you, by Catherine Bowman and the perpetually incredible June Jordan.

In the meantime, I gotta run.  Bear with me, and thanks for reading this far.  And if you have anything you want to see posted, please feel free to contribute!

It’s Up To You

This morning, I genuinely have nothing at all to say.  So everyone, if you have a grievance/idea/epiphany/experience/recipe/poem/video/favorite book/favorite color to share, please feel free to chime in.  I’ll put up a post filled with your delightful responses, maybe even respond to the responses… or something.

In the meantime, this blog lists the world’s “hottest heads of state.”  Silly but entertaining, though I think it’s a travesty that Lubaschenko, Sarkozy, and Netanyahu should all be listed at least 20 points higher than Evo Morales.  What does the writer have against men who wear sweaters?

Back to Normal (and a New Scheme)

The High Holidays are over, and as such, things will be back to their normal free-form state around here.  It’s been interesting working under an assigned topic, and though I’m glad to see that go (it’s a very liberating feeling to be able to spew thoughts again) it’s been a challenge I’d like to take on again.  Along that note: if anyone would like to “assign” me a topic or debate to tackle, feel free.  I promise that, sometime in the week after you’ve messaged me, I’ll address it on this blog.

Meanwhile, readers might have guessed that Judaism is a fairly important influence on my worldview, and something that often pushes itself to the forefront of my mind.  Don’t expect that, because the Yamim Nora’im are over, I’ll be shelving Jewish issues entirely — I won’t be.  So brace yourselves for the occasional onslaught of Hebrew phrases, Reconstructionism and the word “liturgy.”

In conclusion, thank you for reading thus far, and if you care to send me a topic, go for it.  L’shanah tovah umetukah!

L’Shanah Tovah

As some of you may know, this evening marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, otherwise known as the Jewish New Year.  Rosh Hashanah is about a week before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement and arguably the holiest day in the Jewish calendar; the days in between are known as the Days of Awe.

Jewish tradition has it that the Days of Awe period is a time for reflection, resolution and repentance — a time to meditate on the successes and failures of the last year in your life.  It’s a time to rectify what you can with apologies, and a time to start on the path of rational, meaningful self-improvement.  And it’s a time to think on the tenets and traditions of the Jewish faith, and how you yourself fit into that broader tapestry of Judaism.

Accordingly, from now until the sun sets on Yom Kippur, my posts will all be somehow related to the Jewish religion — its history, its rituals, its controversies, its heroes and misfits, its artistic and cultural manifestations, its practitioners both local and global, its iterations and significance in the modern world.  Some of these posts may be more controversial than others; others may be more meditative or emotional than I would usually write.  But, hey, these next few days are a time for experimenting, and for making changes where changes are due — and if anything’s just too terrible to read, you have my sincerest apologies in advance.

The first of these blog posts will be published this afternoon.  In the meantime, l’shanah tovah umetukah — a happy and sweet new year.

The Thoughtful Revolution

This blog may or may not be interesting.

This blog may or may not be well-written.

This blog may or may not be about the following: feminism, politics, childhood toys, economics, food, global human rights, theatre, educational philosophy, electric cellos, DIY crafts, Emma Goldman, yoga, theology, dried flowers, collages, songwriting, Kurt Vonnegut, bellydance, acrylic paint, swimming, environmentalism, linguistics, Amanda Palmer, Michael Pollan, farming practices, rubber ducks, and/or my charming little heartland hometown, Washington D.C.

This blog may or may not be one of those dreaded teen poetry sites.  Or one of those dreaded teen art sites.  Or one of those dreaded teen catharsis sites.

This blog will sadly not blast the entire Rasputina discography if you find the right Easter egg.

But this blog will be religiously updated, very pretty, and even — sometimes — insightful.  It will always involve a good deal of thought, hence The Thoughtful Revolution.

Before we get started, I need to define my terms.  To change the world (and it’s a world that desperately needs changing, on countless levels and topics), there needs to be thought.  That little Captain Obvious moment is step 1.  But more importantly, that thought can do nothing but fester if it isn’t communicated.  That’s step 2.  Eventually, for it to achieve importance, it must (I think) be worked into something greater than itself, a new, tangible, productive way of sharing it with the world — step 3.  This blog is, I hope, step 2: a place to communicate thoughts, to keep them from rotting inside my skull.  Some of them may be rotted and worthless on arrival.  Hopefully not all of them will be.  But if I have a place to put them out, and if I can get enough feedback and trolling and interest and discussion and devil’s-advocate criticism, maybe together we can hoist them up to step 3.

And I hope dearly that any readers I can find will feel free to send or post their own thoughts, to be processed and shared in the same manner.  Send me things that occur to you, with or without provocation from anything on this blog, and they’ll take their place in the exchange.  Because that, that marketplace and development of ideas, is the thoughtful revolution — and a revolution of thought might be its own step 1 in finding and implementing the solutions that our world craves.

In conclusion, read.  Think.  Write.  Explore.  Treat this blog not as a vacuum — as the solitary writings of one teenage girl — but as a constant game of mental tug-of-war, or cyberspace give-and-take.  And if you figure out how to get the entire Rasputina discography on here, please feel free to let me know.